About the Northern Plains Vintage Foreign Car Club

We are a growing group of enthusiasts who appreciate the quality and quirkiness of foreign cars designed and built before 1981.  This includes everything from Triumphs to Skodas, from Peugeots to Alfas, and from classic Hondas to Saabs.

Consider joining up.  We are both a real and a virtual club, that is, we have both real, face-to-face events and virtual/online ones.  You do not have to let geography keep you from joining the fun. 

Don't have a vintage European car?  No problem.  We welcome anyone with a common interest in this era of engineering.

Membership is free and with it you get a web page where you can feature your cars.  Don't miss out on the fun.

Club meetups

When: First Saturdays of the month, 9:00 a.m.
Where: City Brew, 2425 King Avenue West, corner of South 24th St. W. and King Ave. Click for Map

When: Third Saturdays of the month, 9:00 a.m.
Where: City Brew, Main St, Billings Heights, next to Albertsons. Click for Map

Club Background

NPVFCC was founded in 2012 in Billings, MT.  It started off as a "test of concept" in building a web application that functions as a membership management site.  Its development coincided with a few conversations lamenting the rarity of vintage foreign cars in this part of the world and how those who do have that interest must feel like loners on roads dominated by contemporary pickup trucks.

Rather than forming just a traditional car club and attempting to get just the few local enthusiasts to join up, an online club seemed to be an idea whose time had come.  Even someone from Ekalaka who has a 1958 Borgward Isabella sitting in their shed could feel the comadarie that a club can bring to the hobby.

While we would like to have local meet ups and drives, the primary idea is to connect online with others who have similar interests and even similar cars.  There's nothing like buzzing along your favorite backroad and having another vintage foreign car go past the other way to provide a massive adreniline rush. It's also a call to pull over and chat. 

That's what we want to do here.  We want to provide that roadside stop where we can look at and chat about our cars.

We currently have no plans to charge for membership.  The only ongoing cost we have is the web site hosting which is being donated by www.codecooker.com.

Vince Long
Billings, Montana
April 2012