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Chinglish warning label on my fourpost lift








We had discussed meeting at my cabin prior to a drive over the Beartooth Pass.  Cabin is 1.6 miles south of  Rock Creek Resort on the 400 Ranch.  Plenty of room for cars, smaller campers and tents.  It does have indoor plumbing and running water, not much more. There is also a field nearby with room for car trailers.  





I adjusted toe on my TR4 the other day using the string method.  The trick is to get the string, in this case fishing line, parallel.  Very simple process, just a bit time consuming to get the strings right.  My car has a solid rear axle but this method should work on IRS cars also.  

If you would like to try it, bring your car over and use my shop and tools.  I accept donations of homemade and micro brew beer.   I have growlers available for loan. 

Checking Camber using digital level

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1963, Triumph, TR4

1963, Triumph, TR4

Approaching the Geyser Basin, Yellowstone N.P.

1950, Gemini, Sports Racer

Autocross at Skyview

1963, Triumph, TR4

Reliable Transport

1963, Triumph, TR4

In the Beartooths

Stack of MGA\'s

Triumph & Bedford Vans. A face only a mother could love.

Waiting for the ferry at Anacortes

1963, Triumph, TR4

Small car, tall butt, Yellowstone.

1963, Triumph, TR4

Setup of string method for adjusting toe.

1963, Triumph, TR4

Measure from all four hubs to assure lines are parallel.

1963, Triumph, TR4

Check distance from rim and adjust for toe.

1963, Triumph, TR4

Very simple method of checking camber using a digital level.

Cabin south of Red Lodge. Plenty of room for a fleet of old cars ready to go up the Beartooth Highway.

Think I am going to like this